History of the Library

The Library in the late 1960s.

The Rossville Community Library has existed in its present form since 1950 when a collection of 592 books and used magazines (all of them donated) were housed in the Rossville Community Center and overseen by the first librarian of Rossville Community Library, Ellen Coleman. The next librarian, Millicent Renwan occupied the position for the next 17 years. In 1968, a $10,000 gift from Sidney and Perry Stumbaugh was matched by federal funds for the construction of a new library. The land for the new library was donated by the Clyde Miller family in memory of early Rossville physicians, Henry H. Miller and Henry B. Miller.

As the community and its needs grew, the library required an expansion. In 1996, the Rossville Community Library built an addition that essentially doubled the size of the original building.

Library renovations took place in August 2010 to the older portion of the building. Renovations included a new floor, new paint, and a restructuring of the main entrance area. The library continues to grow and expand its services and is a vibrant hub of the Rossville community and its rural areas.