The year we learned to fly / by Woodson, Jacqueline,
A new hope / by Smith, Geof,
The adventures of Max the minnow / by Boniface, William.
Pigskins to paintbrushes : by Tate, Don,
Unicorn playlist : by Simpson, Dana,
Gladys the magic chicken / by Rubin, Adam,
Big shot / by Kinney, Jeff,
Hidden cottage / by Green, Poppy,
Construction site : by Rinker, Sherri Duskey,
Clarice the brave / by McMann, Lisa,
The Christmas owl : by Kalish, Ellen,
The Christmas pig / by Rowling, J. K.,
Inside Cat / by Wenzel, Brendan,
A true wonder : by Larson, Kirsten W.
Ants / by Berger, Melvin.
Tiranosaurio rex / by Frost, Helen,
Solar system SOS / by Cohn, Arlen,
I survived the Galveston Hurricane, 1900 / by Tarshis, Lauren,
The Beatryce Prophecy / by DiCamillo, Kate,
Chill Chomp chill! / by Ayala-Kronos, Chris