Murder In the Family / by Hunter, Cara
Nineteen Steps : by Brown, Millie Bobby
Happiness Falls : by Kim, Angie
Kingdom Quarterback : by Dent, Mark
The Life She Wanted : by Abriel, Anita
The Connellys of County Down : by Lange, Tracey
African American Topeka / by Camp, Sherrita
Tom Lake : by Patchett, Ann
The Last Ranger : by Heller, Peter
Canary Girls : by Chiaverini, Jennifer
The War Pianist / by Robotham, Mandy
None of This Is True : by Jewell, Lisa
The Housekeepers : by Hay, Alex
A Most Agreeable Murder : by Seales, Julia
Save What's Left : by Castellano, Elizabeth
The Seven Year Slip / by Poston, Ashley
Hell's Half-Acre : by Jonusas, Susan
Too Late by Hoover, Colleen
Famous In A Small Town / by Shipman, VIola
The First Ladies : by Benedict, Marie
The Good Time Girls. by Blakemore, K. T
The Essential Guide to Intermittent Fasting for Women : by Ramos, Megan
What the Lady Wants : by Rosen, Renée
Cabby Potts, : by Wilford, Kathleen
Never Give Up : by Brokaw, Tom