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Hoopla Digital Content (Movies, Music, audiobooks, and eBbooks)

From your library card log-in screen, you can access Hoopla, or you can download the Hoopla app on eligible devices. All you need is your Rossville (NExpress) library card! No state library card required!



The State Library of Kansas works with Kansas libraries to provide digital library books for all residents, which includes downloadable audiobooks and eBooks.

eBook & eAudio Options

How do I know which services will work on my device or computer? 

  •          Quick glance: the Software & Apps page lists the versions of software available for each.
  •         More details: Device Key allows you to narrow down to your particular device or computer, and then tell you    which services will work.

Great, how do I get started? 
Needed: a Kansas Library eCard–contact us at Rossville, and we can get you one for free! We can even do this over the phone. The Kansas Library Card is your entry to online library resources.Gain access to quality research tools, audiobooks, eBooks, and more! You will be given a personal identification number (PIN) with your card. This PIN, together with your date of birth, allows you to log-in to the Kansas Library Card System at http://www.kslc.org. Once logged in, you can check out items digitally.

Visit the Tutorials page for self-paced presentations or text instructions by device type, OR here’s brief notes:

OneClickdigital eAudiobooks
1. Sign in with your Library eCard then click the OneClickdigital Audiobooks Registration link to create your username & password.
2. Download eAudio software/app.  Sign in with the username & password you created.
3. Use the Browse Website link in software, or the Search feature in app to find a book to check out.
4. Return to your software or main screen of app to listen to your book.
3M Cloud Library eBooks
1. Download reader software/app.
2. Log in to the software/app with your Kansas Library eCard.
3. Browse, check out and read eBooks directly in the app.
Freading eBooks:
1. Download the reader software/app.
2. Login to the Kansas Library eCard page and click the Freading access link (this is how you will always find a book).
3. Browse for and download a book, open it in your software or mobile app to read.
Enki Library eBooks
1. Download the reader software/app.
2. Log in with your Kansas Library eCard directly at the Enki website.
3. Check out a book and download it into your software or mobile app for use.

Can you recommend one to start with? 
OneClickdigital is only an audiobooks service (books you listen to).

For eBooks, we would pick based on the type of books you like:

  • 3M Cloud Library contains larger publishers, so you’ll see bestsellers here.  Mostly fiction, with some popular non-fiction.  This works like your normal library, where if all copies of a book are checked out, you place a hold.
  • Freading differs in that it has no holds.  All books are always available.  Lots of variety in both fiction and non-fiction, there are even graphic novels.  Smaller publishers, but the catalog has over 40,000 books in it and more are added at least once a week.
  • Enki includes self-published books in its catalog of small-medium publishers.  It also has a great variety of both fiction and non-fiction.  Cooking, crafts, and DIY have good selection.  Since the catalog is large and it is fairly new, holds are still uncommon.

Please note that Freading & Enki can use the same free software to download books, so once you’ve set up for one, all you need to do is learn to check out on the other.

eBook Options for KIDS

Picture books with audio:

Login with your eCard. Login, then pick the access link.
Animated picture books paired with non-fiction:


Non-Fiction books to read online or download: