Genealogy, Obituaries, & Cemeteries

Local Resources from the Library

As part of our digitization project of our local, historical items, we have been working on increasing access to genealogy information, including family histories, obituaries, and local cemetery information. We have accomplished much, but also have much more to do, so bear with us as we continue to add items.

Rossville Genealogy Website

We have created our own genealogy website which is our repository for obituaries; birth, engagement, marriage, and anniversary announcements; and other genealogical information. We have linked families and have well over 20,000 individuals to search. *Tip–many of the documents have already been transcribed. We recommend doing a deep search by searching “Media>Documents.” If you find anything in error or have enhancements, please contact us!

Family History/Genealogy Compilations

We have scanned several binders of genealogical and family history information, which is mostly organized by surname. There is much crossover, however, and historical families have been connected. We are making these available in PDF and Word. The Microsoft Word documents are searchable; the PDFs are not. We hope to make these available in a more convenient way in the future, but wanted to provide them HERE so researchers can refer and download them.

Local Cemetery Information

Rossville Cemetery Burial List -The Rossville Community Library is working with the Rossville Township to provide information on the local cemetery, which is located on 54th Street just northeast of Rossville. The Cemetery Burial List provides a wealth of information for finding those buried in the Rossville Cemetery. We also have pictures digitally stored of the cemetery headstones. Let us know if you need access to these. *List is current to 2/27/2013. (We also have the cemetery plot map at the library digitally and can assist you with the location of where someone is buried.)

Czech Moravian Cemetery Index– (Excel File) We used and our own records to put together a burial list for the Czech Moravian (Moravan or Bohemian) Cemetery northeast of Rossville. We hope to improve this list as time goes on. *List is as of 2011.

Delia Cemetery Index– (Excel File) We used and the official burial records of the Delia Cemetery to put together this burial list. *List is as of 2011.

Adrian Cemetery Index– (Excel File) We used and our own records to put together a burial list for the Adrian Cemetery, which is north of Delia. We hope to improve this list as time goes on. *List is as of 2011.

Olive Branch Cemetery Index– (Excel File) This cemetery has also been known as the Franklin Cemetery and the United Brethren Church Cemetery. It is now under the administration of the Rossville Township. We used to put together this burial list. *List is as of 2011.

Visiting the Library for Family Information

If you want to research your family history, please bear in mind that it is best to give us advance notice before coming into the library to seek information. We have limited staff resources and would like to be as prepared as possible for your visit so that we can provide you the best information possible and make your visit a worthwhile one. Please call or email us a few days in advance of your visit. (785) 584-6454 or email

Regional Cemeteries

Rossville (Shawnee County)
Rossville Cemetery- Located just east of 54th & Rossville Road (Main Street)
Franklin Cemetery (Olive Branch Cemetery)- 86th & Bailey Road
Czech Moravian Cemetery (Bohemian Cemetery) – southeast of 94th & Carlson Road

Delia (Jackson County)
Delia Cemetery (Washington Township Cemetery)- 118th & E Road
Adrian Cemetery- 150th & D Road

Silver Lake (Shawnee County)
Silver Lake Cemetery- just north of Highway 24 & Thomas Road
Walnut Hill Cemetery- between 78th & 86th on NW Hoch Road

St. Marys (Pottawatomie County)
Mount Calvary Cemetery- east of Highway 63 and Mount Calvary Rd, north of St. Marys
Valley View Cemetery- west of Highway 63, just a few miles north of Highway 24

Other Helpful Resources

Obituary Daily Times
Search an index to determine in which paper and date an obituary was published. Site does not include actual obituaries.

Find a Grave
Search over 70 million grave records, some of which include pictures of headstones and cemeteries and other information on your ancestors.

An online database of obituaries.

Kansas Historical Society
Holdings include historical records, microfilm, state and local government records, artifacts and photos.

Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
The Social Security Administration Death Master File contains information on millions of deceased individuals with United States social security numbers whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration. Birth years for the individuals listed range from 1875 to last year. Information in these records includes name, birth date, death date, and last known residence.

Genealogy Class Tips
On March 31, 2012, we held a genealogy workshop at the library. Click on the link above to find tips to starting your family history, information on local genealogical repositories, and many useful genealogical websites.