Big Heroes! / by Wrecks, Billy
Ursula Upside Down / by Tabor, Corey R
Junia : by Richardson, Kim Michele
Baby-Sitters Little Sister. by Farina, Katy
Summer Is Here / by Watson, Renée
Beach Bummer / by Higgins, Ryan T
Grandma Loves You! / by McLean, Danielle
The One and Only Family / by Applegate, Katherine
Windy Night With Wild Horses / by Osborne, Mary Pope
Dog Vs. Strawberry / by Buchet, Nelly
The Addams Family / by Mizzy, VIc
If You Go Down to the Woods Today / by Piercey, Rachel
Grand Old Oak and the Birthday Ball / by Piercey, Rachel
Nat for Nothing / by Scrivan, Maria
The Secret Language of Birds / by Kelly, Lynne
Operation: Happy : by Walsh, Jenni L
I Survived. by Ball, Georgia
Cougar Clues / by Whaley, Kayla
Penelope Rex and the Problem With Pets / by Higgins, Ryan T
The Adventures of Tintin.
The Cool Bean Makes A Splash / by John, Jory
The Scarlet Shedder / by Pilkey, Dav
Bubbly Beautiful Kitty-Corn / by Hale, Shannon
All Is Nat Lost / by Scrivan, Maria
Pie-Rats! / by Riddiough, Lisa Frenkel