Home Delivery Service

Our Home Delivery Service is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of the library for our community members who are unable to physically visit the library.

Service Qualifications
Participants in the Home Delivery Service should reside within the delivery service area (see the map below) and have difficulty getting to the library.

Program Specifications
The Rossville Community Library will provide library books and materials to you at no charge. A library staff member or volunteer will deliver books to you every two weeks (or less often, if you prefer). If you are not currently a library cardholder, you will be added to our database and issued a library card to allow us to maintain adequate records.

Please understand that while we will do our best to match books to your tastes, we are unable to know your tastes precisely; therefore, you may receive selections that you do not like or that contain material offensive to you. Please let us know, and we will use that information to guide future selections. If you have specific titles you would like, let us know, and we’ll do our best to locate those specifically.

Home Delivery Service Sign-Up Sheet

Click on the map to enlarge it.